Why Texas is Such a Great Home for Sports Fans

Whether you’re considering moving to Texas or you’re looking for your next big vacation spot, this is the place to go for anyone who’s a big sports fan!  These are the top reasons why!

The Varied Sports Played Here

Texas is home to tons of different sports and the teams that love playing them!  From the Dallas Cowboys, which dominate in football, to the Houston Astros, who are world-famous for their baseball skills, you’ll get to know tons of major teams for many different sports while in Texas.

If you’re not sure where to land when moving, this can be a great way to move close to a stopping point for one of your favorite teams.  Baseball fans can look for Houston apartments for rent, and football fans can check out Dallas or Arlington!

The Massive Arenas and Stadiums

There’s nowhere nearly as incredible to watch a game as Texas!  The Dallas Cowboys AT&T Stadium is the largest domed stadium in the world, with room to take as many people and as large a game as possible.  Kyle Field is even bigger, sitting as the largest stadium in Texas.  At home in College Station, this stadium can seat over 100,000 fans and allows a great view from any angle.

The Huge Fanbases

One of the best parts of sports is getting to connect with other fans.  Not only does this give you the chance to share experiences with them, but you also get the opportunity to enjoy gathering and having an easy way to make friends and connections in your new area.
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In any city in Texas, you’ll almost immediately know what team they care about.  This is visible in what stickers are on peoples’ cars, what jerseys and shirts people wear, and what merch and team goods are available in nearly any store.

In areas like Houston, you can’t go into a single store without spotting at least one thing that has to do with the Astros.  It’s like this in a lot of the states and an awesome way to feel a great sense of community if you live in the area where your team is king.

The Chance to Meet Greatness

Living in the area where your team plays means you might accidentally run into them!  This can be exciting, giving you the chance to meet the athletes or coaches of the teams you care about so much.  Although you should still be respectful of their time and personal space, it can be a thrilling part of living in the city where your team plays.

The Varied Terrain

The terrain in Texas varies wildly from city to city.  This is a massive state that can take sixteen hours to cross from east to west, so it’s no surprise that the cities here cover a large range of natural landforms.  From the swamps in the southeast to the more moderate terrains in the north and the deserts in the west, this allows for a large range of sports to be played here.

There’s No Place Like Texas for Sports

Texas understands sports and athleticism; there’s no place better for a sports fan to live!  Consider planning your move or vacation here soon!

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