What to Do in the Czech Republic & How to Make the Most of Your Trip

The Czech Republic is a stunning country in Central Europe with famous architecture, dazzling scenery, and celebrated landmarks. Known as the “castle capital of the world,” the country is bursting with history; in fact, its capital city, Prague, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You’re surely getting excited for your upcoming trip and wondering which of the famous sights to visit. With so many incredible things to do, see, and experience in the Czech Republic, the hardest part of planning is knowing what to prioritize. We provide the most skilled piano movers Charleston SC residents can hire, and our crew can wrap up your piano in stretch film or a blanket to keep dust away and slow down corrosion.

We’re here to make sure you get the most out of your travel plans, so keep reading for our ultimate guide to everything you should know before leaving, and what you can’t miss in the Czech Republic!

A Few Things to Know Before Visiting the Czech Republic

Arrive With Czech Koruna

Despite being so close to countries where the euro is the prime currency, the Czech Republic has its own currency: the Czech koruna/Czech crown. It’s best to arrive with the correct currency because many establishments don’t accept euros, and making the exchange in the country can be tricky. 

Prepare to Tip

Tipping protocol varies around the world, but in the Czech Republic tipping is not required but is generally expected—especially from tourists. When you dine out, it’s considered polite to tip between five and fifteen percent. 

Booking Luggage Storage Will Save You Hassle

Travel is an amazing experience but it also comes with its discomforts. Everyone who knows the feeling of lugging suitcases around a new city understands that this is one of the worst parts of living as a nomad. Whether you’ve just left the airport or are moving between locations, having to bring your luggage with you as you explore is no fun. 

One of the most useful travel amenities is luggage storage. You can book luggage storage in Prague in advance or at the last minute and securely leave your luggage until you’re ready to pick it up. There are locations for luggage storage all over the Czech Republic!

Know Your Basic Czech Phrases

Czech is the official language of the Czech Republic, so in order to communicate with the locals, you should arrive knowing some key words and phrases. While approximately one third of Czech’s are estimated to speak English, you’ll have much better luck communicating in English in the tourist cities; if you wander into the local areas of the country, you’ll definitely need to brush up on your Czech!

Things You Can’t Miss Out On in the Czech Republic

The Charles Bridge

You’ll probably recognize Prague’s famous Charles Bridge because not only is it one of the world’s most famous bridges, it’s also the site where many major movies have been filmed. Strolling over the cobblestone surface has you crossing the Vltava river from the historic Old Town to the beautiful Lesser Town. 

Karlstejn Castle

As the “Castle Capital of the World,” your visit to the Czech Republic won’t be complete without visiting at least one of these towering feats of architecture. The Karlstejn castle southwest of Prague is a majestic treasure to look at and explore. It also has a unique history, including storing Emperor Charles IV’s crown jewels. You’ll definitely want to take a tour of this gothic castle.

Prague Castle

Another castle you can’t miss is the Prague Castle, an important landmark still in use today. Having been the home of centuries of royalty, today it is the Czech Republic’s President’s residence. Another interesting aspect of the castle is that the Czech crown jewels are securely located in the St. Vitus Cathedral inside. Maybe you’ll get lucky and visit during a rare time when they’re displayed, but otherwise you can view the reproductions on a tour. 

The Old Town Square

The Old Town Square, or Staroměstské náměstí in Czech, is a destination with much to see and do. There you can wander around the circular square exploring local shops and eateries, trying delicious food and drinks, and viewing the gothic castles, galleries, and local houses. There’s also a famous astronomical clock, horse and carriage rides, statues, and occasionally outdoor markets. There’s an abundance to experience in this one section of Prague alone, so don’t miss it!

The National Theater 

If you enjoy live performances, make sure you attend one at Prague’s National Theater. The performances encompass drama, ballet, and opera. The building itself is historic and stately, dating back to 1868. Shows at the National Theater are highly sought-after, usually selling out quickly, so be sure to buy tickets far in advance. 

The Czech Republic is a must-see travel destination bursting with history, as well as gothic architecture, amazing food and drinks, and incredible sights of the country. You’re already looking forward to your trip, but you still need to ensure you make the most of your travels by planning what to do and see. Use this Czech Republic guide to help you prepare for your upcoming trip so you don’t miss anything important. Happy travels!

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