Top Tips for Finding the Best Travel Laptop

The days of having large and bulky computers seem to be numbered in 2022. Today’s consumers are increasingly looking for light and portable laptops that still have the power to perform a range of tasks. A growing phenomenon in the world of work is the rise of the digital nomad. Such employees combine a love of worldwide travel with the ability to work effectively in a remote setting from virtually any location in the world. This is largely due to the rise in affordable technology, such as travel laptops, enabling digital nomads to work and travel. In addition, many holidaymakers and business people depend on a travel laptop for both business and pleasure in a robust and portable design. If you are looking for the perfect travel laptop in 2022, this article will help as it explains three key features to look for.

Choose smaller screen devices

A key part of the appeal of any travel laptop is a small design that can fit easily into onboard luggage on a flight or be fitted into a backpack. Most travelers, digital nomads, and business people opt for a 17 inch screen size laptop as this leads to a smaller overall size of the machine and makes it highly portable. 17 Inch Lenovo Laptops are a great choice as they are slim and lightweight while also being robust and durable. Conversely, larger screen sizes tend to be bulkier in design and may be difficult to pack safely into onboard luggage. Digital nomads especially like to travel light, and the 17-inch design is perfect for most computing needs.

Prioritize battery life

An often overlooked feature of a travel laptop is its battery life. However, this should be viewed as an essential feature in any device that needs to be used for long periods and in circumstances where it may be difficult to find a suitable charging point. Most good quality laptops will have a battery that lasts between six and ten hours on a single charge. Six hours of battery life should be considered a bare minimum in any good travel laptop. Remember that tasks such as playing videos or gaming can use significant amounts of laptop battery in a matter of hours. Some travel laptops can boast a battery life of over twelve hours, making them ideal for travellers who need to work or surf. In short, make the battery life of your next travel laptop a prime consideration to ensure that its battery power does not become a limiting factor.

Consider its purpose

As a final thought, it is important to understand what purposes the travel laptop will serve. The tasks it will be required to do will directly affect the desired specifications of the machine. Remember that tasks such as word processing and general internet surfing do not require a lot of processing power. In these circumstances, a small and portable netbook may suffice that will be far less costly than a flagship model. Conversely, if the laptop will be used for gaming or highly intensive processing tasks such as graphic design or coding, a much higher spec machine will be required to cope with the more intensive demands placed on it. In these circumstances, the machine’s core processor and graphical capabilities should be prioritized.

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