The Best Casual Shirts for Men in 2022

Whether you are an extremely busy businessman or a workaholic professional, you will have plenty of informal occasions where you can not wear your business suits or formal clothes. So what would need to buy are casual shirts for men. This category includes spread collar shirts, button-down shirts, overshirts, flannel shirts, and short sleeve shirts that are available in easy and wild prints. You will learn about all these categories of shirts later in this article.

These shirts are available in many different colours and designs- whatever may be your preference, you can easily find one you like. But remember, there are two things- comfort and style when buying a casual shirt for yourself. If you don’t feel comfortable wearing your casual shirt, you won’t look good no matter how attractive the shirt is.

So always look for the best casual shirts for men in materials that look good and are also comfortable. For instance, in the hot summer months, you should look for casual cotton shirts for men or shirts in linen will also do. But for winter and fall, it is better to go for wool blends, rayon, polyester blends, silk and other fabrics available.

Different types of casual shirts for men

Spread collar shirts

Spread collar shirts are the most common type of shirt found in almost every men’s wardrobe. As the name suggests, these are shirts with a wider collar. These are a good choice for men with a narrow face shape because it helps draw the attention of the viewers outward and give an image of a wider face. These are the best styles with the top button undone, which provides the wearer with a calm and relaxed look.

Button-down collar shirts

Button-down collar shirts are one of the best casual shirts you can have. It can get too informal or traditional, but these are classic pieces that never go out of style. If you are looking for online casual shirts for men to wear in spring, button-down collar shirts are the best choice to have. Additionally, you can pair these shirts with anything; they look amazing and give you a stylish look that everyone will envy.


Overshirts are shirts that fall somewhere between a jacket and a shirt. These are an evergreen essential for every man and the most versatile garment for every occasion and season. Usually, these shirts are made from thick cotton twill and feature a button fastening and several pockets. These shirts are genuinely layering hero pieces of garment for men. You can style them as a light jacket on a cooler evening or with sleeves cuffed over a well-fitting t-shirt and shorts.

Flannel shirt

Flannel shirts are the best shirts for men casual wear that keeps you warm and stylish. If you live in a colder climate, flannel shirts should be your wardrobe staple. Mid-weight or heavy flannel casual shirts are available for every sized man when the mercury drops. Usually, they are made of thick yet soft fabric featuring checked patterns. You can style them with a nice t-shirt and denim jeans for an informal occasion, and you will be the coolest guy in the room.

Short sleeve shirt

Men’s classic short-sleeve casual shirts are an excellent way to go comfortable and relaxed while still presenting a stylish look. If you love to make a bold statement, short sleeve shirts offer you a plethora of trendy and edgy patterns and colour options that you will love. These are perfect for everyday wear or can also be worn as a nighttime casual dinner outfit. You can pair them with denim, trousers or even shorts, whatever you like.

These are the five common types of casual shirts that you will find in the market or most online stores. Besides different colours, designs, and patterns, these are available in various fabrics too. So always make sure you choose the one based on the weather conditions.

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