Stand-Up Comedians You’ll Want to Book Right Now.

We could all use more laughter in our daily life: so it’s important to do what you can to keep moods high!  If you’re planning an event and aren’t sure how to make it stand out or give it an edge, you’re not alone.

These are some of the best stand-up comedians you’ll want to hire within the next few months, and why they stand out against their peers! 866 Spectrum Customer Service Phone Number is Valuable

Why Hire a Stand-Up Comedian?

Stand-up comedians are one-of-a-kind acts that leave the audience laughing the moment they hit the stage.  Needing to be creative and fast on their feet while having enough charisma and infectious energy to keep people excited, stand-up comedians are some of the best entertainers you’ll ever find.

Stand-up comedians are great for all kinds of events, from birthdays to corporate events, to graduations: just make sure your crowd is ready to laugh, and you have a good stage area for the comedian you hire.

These are three of the most skilled comedians that currently call California home, and what sets them apart from their peers.

Erin Alexis

If you want a unique talent added to your next event, it’s time to check out Erin Alexis!  This young comedian gave up the Big Apple to move to stand-up comedy heaven Los Angeles.  Performing regularly everywhere from The Comedy Store to Hollywood Improv and the Haha Comedy Club, Erin is awesome at keeping people laughing and having a great time when they’re in her audience.  Recently lending her voice to the female characters of season one and two of “The Hollywood Puppet Sh!t Show” on Fuse and making larger moves in media: anyone wanting a comedian should hire her before she’s completely booked!

Punkie Johnson

No stranger in front of a microphone, Punkie Johnson is a regular at the Comedy Store and offers a refreshing worldview the stand-up comedy scene desperately needs.  Recently staring in multiple Comedy Central digital shorts, as well as Journey Men and Zombie Con for Big Squid Productions, Punkie Johnson is a fantastic comedian to hire and listen to.  The skill to keep people laughing is something that’s innately hers, and her background as a lesbian from the south gives her an edge that will keep you excited to know what she’ll say next.

Keon Polee

A hot comedian that’s had spots on Aspire TV’s “We Got Next,” “Laugh” on Fox, and “Friends” on Amazon Prime, Keon Polee makes sure to charm the crowd and keep people laughing whenever he’s on stage.  With experience traveling and performing internationally, including in South Korea, Canada, and Japan, he’s been a fantastic act that viewers can’t get enough of.  His awesome personality and infectious sense of humor will have you eager to hire him again after you’ve seen his set.

Stand-Up Comedians Keep Crowds Laughing

Comedy can bring everyone together, giving us the chance to laugh and cut loose in ways we might not have otherwise.  Hire a comedian for your next event, and people will be talking about it for years to come!

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