Sanitary Pad vs Tampons

Sanitary pads and tampons are the two most used menstrual products. Tampons are cylindrical inserts made of rayon, cotton or a blend of both. These absorb menstrual blood when inserted inside the vagina. However, insertion is often difficult for many and may cause irritation. Pads made of absorbent polymer and cotton stick on the underwear are easier to use than tampons. The preference for sanitary products is unique and depends on various factors. So, if you want to buy sanitary pads online or even tampons, you need to be aware of how your periods are and what works the best for you. Following is a list of things you must consider.

Period Flow and Sizes

When searching sanitary pads online, you may come across pads in different sizes for your flow and body shape. Whether you need a regular one or an extra-long one, you have to understand each of these specifications and if it meets your needs. Also, you need to consider the time of use, as, during the nights, you would want longer pads with wider backs to prevent staining the sheets.

If you opt to buy sanitary pads online, check the measurements thoroughly. Wearing the wrong size increases the chance of leakage. If you have experienced leakage in the past, it is time to size up, which may offer much better coverage.

Tampons are also available in different sizes that offer protection both on heavy and light flow days. So, you can choose one according to the absorbency required with the flow. You need to have a much better understanding of period flow if you are using tampons. If your tampon leaks in a few hours, you should size up. If you have discomfort changing it, go down a size.

Variety and comfort

The availability of a wide variety of sanitary pads brands in India has made it simpler to deal with periods. According to your preference and usage, you can get your hands on any kind of pad, be it a thick layered or a slim one. Since pads are worn externally, you can make adjustments and remain assured of being protected.

Tampons are worn internally; one needs to be careful while inserting, wearing and removing them. While many like the invisible experience tampons give, others are not as comfortable with the idea.


The best pads for periods are determined by their absorbency. It is crucial to decide whether or not you need an extra absorbent pad or a regular one that would work just fine. You need to check the absorbing capacity to prevent leakage or back-flow. You may also use two types of pads with different absorbencies, the thicker and longer ones in times of heavy flow and the regular ones for lighter flow.

Tampons usually have five ranges of absorbencies to match the flow change each day. However, super-absorbent tampons have been associated with the risks of toxic shock syndrome (TSS), which may be a major concern while using. Contrastingly, pad usage does not involve the chances of developing TSS.


The pads that you choose must offer you comfort to continue your everyday activities even on the days of your period. The best pads for periods in India can be considered those that allow the best protection and absorbency on heavy flow days, especially for those suffering from PCOS or endometriosis.

Tampons also do not interfere with one’s regular activities and could be a better option than pads if you are going swimming.

The choice of a menstrual product is personal, and hence, choose one that is convenient for use and best suited for your lifestyle

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