Know A Few Benefits of Using Brass Bathroom Fixtures

Every home uses faucets in their bathrooms, which is considered the most essential part of every household. As far as the design and construction of faucets are concerned, most architects, engineers, contractors, and even homeowners prefer to choose faucets of good quality and aesthetics and also prefer to use a certain durable material.

Therefore, you will find that brass is the most preferred material used for most of the faucets used in every home. People have been using faucets of brass made for centuries as brass is found to be durable, versatile, free from lead, and also can last longer.

Remember, while selecting any brass shower head from Declinko, you must ensure that you must prefer to select brass material of higher quality rather than brass plated or finish. It will be easier to identify a solid brass as it will be relatively heavier.

Let us try to look at the various benefits that brass metal can offer when you prefer this material for your faucets.


Cast brass fittings are known for being quite heavy-duty and long-lasting and can withstand the high usage wear and tear, which most of the faucets used in kitchens and bathrooms may experience on a daily basis.

Brass fixtures are more resistant to corrosive environmental conditions and hot water compared to many other materials. The durability and robust construction will make it an obvious choice when purchasing a long-lasting faucet.

Antique types of brass bathroom faucets can be frequently found in such good shape that they are used as the focal point of a period design.


You will find brass faucets very easily from any plumbing-related stores and therefore, whenever you want to replace your existing faucets, they will not be difficult to find on the market. Whether your bathroom is a modern one or a vintage one these brass faucets will be your perfect choice.

You will find them in the following common finishes:

  • Chrome
  • Bronze
  • Brass
  • Nickel

Any brass faucets with any of the above plating will be quite versatile to use in your bathrooms irrespective of your type of bathroom.

Easy to use

Plumbing fittings as well as bathroom fixtures made of solid brass material are also noted for their flexibility. This means, despite the greater initial cost, bathroom installations and also maintenance will likely be less expensive due to the material’s ease of use.

Adds value to the home

Brass bathroom fixtures can add further value to your property because of their longevity when compared to other materials, especially if you prefer them over cheaper steel, plastic, or zinc alternatives. Antique types of brass bathroom faucets can be quite popular in vintage bathrooms since they are easy to come by and in excellent shape.

The durability of a certain cast brass faucet, when compared to faucets constructed of less expensive materials, will offer instant value to any home or any multi-family property. Brass accessories, faucets, and any other bathroom parts will surely survive for years – considerably longer than any other materials, in fact – providing you with a better return on all your investments.

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