How Vingo App Continues to be #1 in User Experience

When it comes to providing the best user experience for fitness apps, there is no better app than Vingo. The app can safely be said as the best one in the industry. Fitness apps should not only provide the all important data for your workouts. What is more important is the motivation that is needed to keep you fairly consistent in your exercises. The statistics like the number of steps taken, the distance walked or ran, the calories burnt are all good numbers that can motivate you. However, these numbers are something that is visible only at the end of the workout session. Techlogicagte So, naturally for people who are not innately motivated this does not offer any impetus. 

That is why the app is equipped with visual cues for motivation. You can start using the app and feel the difference in no time. 

An Immersive Virtual World

The first thing that meets your eyes when you install the Vingo app is the immersive and virtual world. With the virtual world, you can explore the world Itsmypost. You can exercise in a place of your choice using virtual reality and augmented reality. Of course, the technology itself is in infancy but the app uses an immersive experience to motivate you. 

Entering this world is simple with the app. You can upload your selfie and the app will create a digital avatar for you. This avatar will reflect your actions and movements in the real world. So, when you pedal on your cycle in the real world, it will move your virtual cycle. Similarly when you keep steps on the treadmill, it will make your avatar run or walk in the virtual world Marketbusinessfacts.

Long & Exciting Game Play 

Another important aspect of the user experience is the constant motivation. So, you might wonder what is new in this? The key to motivation is the seemingly endless but interesting game play. When you play a game like Subway surfers or Temple Run, there is no difference than running. However the challenges associated with running change every now and then and gives an interesting running experience newslookups

Similarly with the app, you can run or cycle in completely different environments and keep the activity engaging. When you cycle in the real world you can only cycle around your home. This gets boring after a point. This is what makes most exercises lose the attraction after some passage of time Businessworldfacts

A Versatile Technology App for Fitness

With the app there is no dearth of features. You can find most exciting features like easy social media sharing, adding friends and family toonily to your frequent list of buddies. You can also use the app to take a canine friend for your exercise trips. For example you can take the dog for a walk in the virtual world. Or you can take the same dog on a cycling trip. This ensures that you are not alone while you are inside the app for running routes. There are many more exciting features that you will explore inside it.

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