How to protect your jewelry so that it does not get damaged?

Does your jewelry collection make you proud? It would be a shame to accidentally make a mistake or lose some of your best pieces. That’s why it’s important to take extra care of your earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings. 

With a little planning and some smart tips, you’ll be able to say goodbye to the few disappointments that often occur during the dreaded day dress selection process. 

Follow our tips to keep your jewelry looking good and it will be easy for you to find the piece you are looking for every morning.

Jewelry boxes, pouches or jewelry holders: what to choose?

Despite what you might think, buying a separate jewelry box is a false good idea. Why? It’s just that some parts need more attention than others. 

In order to have a perfect storage organization, you will need to equip yourself with several jewelry boxes (with or without compartments), but also other more important storage items. 

For example, you can buy a jewelry holder mounted on the wall, a jewelry tree, or the size of a ring, to enjoy keeping it functional and decorative. For added security, don’t hesitate to put money in lockable boxes. 

Finally, remember to keep the cloth bags provided with the special pieces you buy online or in the jewelry store, as they are great storage deals.

Beyond maintenance, jewelry care also includes regular maintenance. Don’t hesitate to finish your reading by getting our jewelry cleaning tips.

How to protect your neck?

We’ve all had to deal with the unpleasant surprise of knots being untied. After spending several days in a regular jewelry box, the necklaces eventually melt completely and it’s a real headache to separate them. To avoid this thorny condition, there are several ways to take good care of your neck:

  • Keep your necklaces and pendants separate. This way they will be easy to identify.
  • The best solution to properly store your necklaces is to hang them individually, on a hook rack, or on a wholesale jewelry tree, for example.
  • With precious chains, do not hesitate to store them in cloth bags. They will thus remain fully protected from possible shocks and other external aggressions.

How to store your jewelry?

As with chains, you need to be careful how you arrange and store your jewelry so that it doesn’t get tangled or damaged. 

But first of all, you should know that there are two main categories: solid brackets and chain brackets. This is an important point because the security method will not be the same depending on the type of bracelet:

To store your chain jewelry, it is best to use cloth bags or hang them on a jewelry tree. These tips will help you avoid knots and get your hands on your favorite pieces with ease.

To keep your bracelets tight, the best solution is to choose a bracelet holder. They will be arranged in an attractive way and you can keep an eye on them.

How to keep your earrings?

The worst that can happen if you take care of your earrings incorrectly is to end up losing one and never being able to get your hands on it again. If asymmetry is fashionable at the moment, it is no reason not to keep your favorite pairs. Here are some great tips to help you take better care of your earrings:

  • Keep your two rings together. To do this, you can attach them to each other (for a hoop ring for example) or keep them individually in a pocket.
  • You can also purchase a wall-mounted jewelry holder that allows you to hang your earrings (ideal for hanging earrings) and arrange them as you see fit.

For your precious pieces, be aware that some jewelry boxes have compartments designed for rings. They will thus be protected from dust oxidation.

Arrange your jewelry according to their accessories

You need to know the properties of your jewelry if you want to take good care of it. Here are some safety tips to use depending on their composition:

Keep your gold jewelry in separate pockets that protect them from possible damage due to the proximity of other jewelry.

Store your silver jewelry in a dry place (so forget the bathroom). As with gold coins, we recommend that you like each pocket and avoid contact with rubber which can damage the metal.

If you don’t wear them, leave your jeweled jewelry in the boxes you were given when you bought it. Since stones can wear out when they come into contact with other stones, it would be unwise to damage your favorite solitaire by making a mistake.

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