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How Do You Shorten a URL?

Using a URL shortener is a good way to keep your links neat and manageable. Most text messages have a character limit of 160 characters, so long URLs can wrap into several lines. URL shorteners remember the full address so that users will be redirected to the full address if they type in the shortened URL. It will also make managing links easier, because long URLs can wrap into multiple lines, and short URLs will look neater.

Tiny URL

URL shorteners are websites that redirect long URLs to shorter, easier-to-share versions. Tiny Short URL was created in 2002 by Kevin Gilbertson, and was originally intended for posting links on newsgroups or email messages with convoluted addresses. By converting long URLs to short, easy-to-share versions, Tiny URL allows users to share more information without risking the length of the original URL.

Although Tiny URL was one of the first URL shorteners, its users are likely to be large and less specialized. In addition, it’s not a full-featured link management platform, so it’s unlikely to appeal to those who want an all-in-one link-management solution. Users paste their links into the field and hit “shorten” to get a new, shorter URL. Tiny URL also has a couple of articles to help you navigate the site. Although similar to YOURLS and YOULS, Tiny URL does not offer a branded domain.

A free account with allows users

A free account with allows users to shorten links and store them for future use. They can also see the number of times their short links are clicked and track the performance of each link by using the dashboard. Free accounts also include access to the Your tab, dashboard, However, users with larger biographypark budgets should upgrade to a premium account to gain access to all these features.

Although many URL shortening services are free, there are some disadvantages. Scammers can use these shortened URLs. While most users can enjoy free accounts with URL shorteners, there are also risks of using links. Scammers and other malicious individuals can also use links, which can cause a negative impact on a business’s reputation. However, the price is very low and you can also opt to subscribe to a premium plan to get branded domains, more links, and better support.

URL shortening tool that allows users to track

URL shortening tool that allows users to track and monetize their links. Its features include branded domains, link tracking, analytics, and monetization. This tool gives you complete control of your links, as well as their clicks and deep analytics. This tool offers both free and paid plans. To get started, visit the official website. Then, sign up to get started with shortening URLs.

You can try for free for fourteen days or for a monthly subscription starting at $70 for 25,000 URLs. You can also opt to pay a one-time fee of $29.99 for a one-year subscription provides insights for small businesses and startups, including a free trial period for its basic service. This service enables you to track your conversions and offers A/B testing options.


Rebrandly shortens เว็บย่อลิงค์ URLs for you. Unlike many other URL shorteners, this service allows you to customize your links in a variety of ways. You can choose from a variety of domains or customize your slash tag, add notes and tags, and even set up traffic routing. With so many options, it’s easy to see why Rebrandly is one of the best URL shortening services around.

Rebrandly also lets you control what happens to your links once they have been shortened. By creating custom links, you can set redirects and edit existing ones. You can also check for high-volume links. Some of its other features include mobile deep linking, 301 SEO redirects, and 404 redirect management. You can even use it to track link clicks. There’s also a UTM builder, which lets you see what your links are doing and how they can be improved.

Rebrandly Premium

Rebrandly is a powerful tool for creating and tracking branded short links. With over 2,000 extensions, Rebrandly links are short, easy to pronounce, and memorable. Moreover, your branded links will appear on every page of your website, even when your visitors share them with others. Furthermore, you can customize your links to include your company name, making them more memorable and effective in building your brand.


Unlike most link shortening services, ย่อลิงค์ shortened URLs never expire. You can also use custom URL slugs and embed QR codes in your links. Another great feature is the ability to track links across your organization. This means you can track their success over time. You can also use Rebrandly to create multiple links at once. You can create as many links as you need.

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