How do men’s moisturizers make their skin look handsome?

In each year of the tropical season it’s summer, alternating with very hot. a little rain So we get used to the sweaty and oily skin on the skin every day and make me think it’s good. There is no chance that the skin will dry at all. The (hot) moisture is full. Oily face like this doesn’t have to apply moisturizer. Or add moisture at all. Save well.

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Take this, the opposite of it? Not being oily, but not being the opposite of dryness. So our skin is oily every day. So it doesn’t mean that our skin will not dry at all. It may indicate that our skin inside may be dry, so we have to produce sebum as a film to coat the skin to keep the moisture that is little to not evaporate. or in some cases the skin that produces a lot of oil comes from irritation or skin discomfort. This causes the production of oil to reduce irritation.

from the paragraph above It’s like a hint that It’s important to moisturize or moisturize your skin. But which one is suitable for men’s skin? I recommend this simple principle, “less is more”, which explains that fill as needed Try from light and gradually Add if you still don’t feel enough. I have been using this principle for over ten years and have found it to work. I used to believe that I was born with very oily skin. I am a normal skinned person today.

Let’s start with the saliva: using colloquial, a google search you’ll find plenty of options. The reason is simple: water is the foundation of healthy skin. The Treatment Lotion is a popular product that I think would work well with it. men It’s easy to absorb and is perfect if you feel your skin needs moisture. It’s like drinking water. use after washing Pour it into the palm of your hand and pat it on your face. Press it down to absorb it and go to work as usual. see if it is enough Will my skin become less oily during the day, but for sure, with continued use? The skin will be more balanced wrinkles around the eyes Whether the deep wrinkles will be reduced or will stop staying like that for a while

Deep nourishing serum: If water or Treatment Lotion is not enough, wait a month and still see no results. Try using an extra serum. If the principle of advertising is to use a serum to repair or deep nourish. but as men together I recommend the serum as a concentrated skin care light texture. But the main ingredient is still water. And there is an emulsified ingredient that makes it a bit thicker. Serum will help nourish the skin even more. At the same time, another layer of moisture is obtained. For men with relatively healthy skin, normal skin, combination skin, it should help the skin settle in when it comes to adding a serum.

Recommended serum application method: After using Treatment Lotion on damp skin. Squeeze the serum and spread the texture over the palm. Then put the palm of your hand to press lightly. Over the face, press repeatedly until you feel that the serum on your palm is dry. complete the process

Energizes and locks in moisture: It’s the step of the moisturizer. For men with normal and dry skin It’s a good choice to use an extra moisturizer after your Treatment Lotion and Serum. If your skin is very dry May have to choose a moisturizer with a slightly thick texture. But if the skin is not very dry, choose a light moisturizer. Sometimes it comes in the form of a lotion or a gel, which helps the skin to receive a lot of moisture. including creating a thin layer That helps retain moisture in the skin better as well.

How to properly apply the cream: Not every square inch of skin needs moisture from a moisturizer. Choose only the areas that feel dry and tight. For example, on the side of the cheeks, massage the cream into the skin. If your skin feels uncomfortable, use a tissue to gently press on it. To absorb excess cream that can not penetrate into the skin.

Treatment Lotion

SK-II MEN FACIAL TREATMENT ESSENCE: Mainly SK-II’s original and popular Facial Treatment Essence. But what’s more, it’s designed to penetrate better into men’s skin. For a radiant, firm, and firm complexion, this is the first step for skin care.

Biotherm FORCE SUPREME LIFE ESSENCEE: from Life Plankton Essence, a new formula for men. By reducing irritation and reinforcing the structure of the skin to better retain moisture.

Hada Labo Super Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing Lotion: Talking about hydration, choose the white bottle. Contains 3 types of hyaluronic acid that have the ability to retain and capture more moisture in the air on the skin.


Aèsop Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum: A rich, gel-like serum. One pump is enough for one use. Provides both hydration and a fully nourishing feel with powerful antioxidant ingredients.

Kiehl’s Hydro-Plumping Re-Texturizing Serum Concentrate: A clear serum with both glycerin and hyaluronic acid. Light and comfortable texture when used continuously give effect like Pumps skin to feel fuller, hydrated, and look healthy while leaving no oily residue on the skin.

Dior Homme Age Control Firming Care: at an age when the skin needs special care. Not just moisture Look for Dior Homme’s Age Control range, where you’ll get the intense, targeted nourishment and hydration that’s at the heart of youthful skin. even skin tone and feel comfortable from the first touch


SKIN SIGNATURE MELTING RICH CREAM: I personally like it because I have used many jars. It is a creamy moisturizer that is light and comfortable. Apply a thin layer before bedtime. Wake up to feel that the skin looks radiant, even if the skin is dry. Or feel that you want to enhance the cast in particular. Often choose this cream jar from SK-II to come to the rescue.

NIVEA MEN 3D ANTI-AGING SUPER SERUM: Often when you go on a trip, you forget to bring your moisturizer. NIVEA MEN is a brand we can trust. Moisturizes the face, does not peel, if it is very dry, apply a thick layer. Then massage until absorbed into the skin.

Super Moisturizer

Crème de La Mer: Some products are difficult to group. because it has an incomparable ability The original Crème de La Mer is a super cream that we use to rehydrate the skin perfectly. If your skin is oily, warm it until it melts and gently press it on it. If your skin is dry, warm it to melt in a cycle. First, gently press on the skin to absorb, then warm enough to soften. Press lightly again. The skin looks juicy and fresh. Answer all the needs of skin that needs moisture to look healthy, including repairing tired skin to look good and far away from wrinkles.

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