How can an Employer Prevent Wrongful Termination Lawsuits?

As an employer, you might have to face wrongful termination lawsuit every now and then. The employee may claim that they have wrongfully been terminated from his job. Everyone can understand the mental anguish that an employee goes through after getting fired from the job. In this mental state, he can hire a wrongful termination lawyer San Antonio TX so that he either can get the job back or get compensated for the income loss. There are a few steps, which an employer can take to minimize the wrongful termination cases:

Defining performance parameters 

If you tell your employee that he or she has not been showing the signs of improving after giving several warnings, you should have some proof in your hand. Pointing out someone with a lack of evidence can be taken as your bad intentions against him or her. The employee may file a complaint against you for discrimination. To prevent this scenario, you should define the performance parameters for everyone, who works in your company. For instance, a call center may define the number of hours an employee must be logged in or take a specific number of calls. When you fire someone, you should have the performance and attendance reports with you.

Show some empathy while terminating

Even if you are firing your employee on a performance basis, it will come as a shock to him or her. It leads to mental stress and depression just as the same. However, it is not a good idea to fire anyone suddenly. Warnings play a vital role. If he has some issues learning or understanding, the employer must put him into special training to improve. All the warnings, training sessions and efforts should be recorded so that you can keep them as evidence to avoid any lawsuit. If he or she does not show any sign of improvement, you must discuss what has been bothering him or her. If you show empathy, the chances of filing a lawsuit reduce.

Follow all federal and state laws to terminate an employee

It is always a good idea to get in touch with an attorney, who can look after the termination process. You should make him go through the rules and laws so that you don’t do injustice to your employee. If any compensation is applicable as per the state laws, you must give it out to him.

An employment lawyer is the best person, who can reduce the number of wrongful termination cases. 

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