HealthTap – Contribution to Medical Tourism

HealthTap Medical tourism is the practice of seeking non-emergency health care abroad that is usually paid for out-of-pocket. This practice differs from established cross-border care arrangements between countries and formal bi-lateral medical trade agreements.

This study explores the experiences of patients who seek medical care abroad for non-emergency conditions. It is the first comparative scoping review on this topic.

Patient Education

Founder of HealthTap, noticed that up to 50% of those on medical regimens weren’t following through with their treatment plans. So he created his company with the mission of increasing engagement and cutting costs.

Today, HealthTap provides two doctors to each device, enabling members to ask questions, receive prescriptions and lab results, as well as make referrals to specialists if necessary. All this data is connected to a member’s personal health record (PHR), so it can be shared among physicians if desired by the patient.

HealthTap’s most remarkable feature is an AI system that triages members’ symptoms and recommends what steps to take next, based on information the member has entered about her condition as well as other data related to symptoms and potential causes. This data allows HealthTap’s AI system to accurately diagnose members’ conditions with precision.

Global Benefits

HealthTap, the Global Health Practice, offers patients instant and starwikibio real-time access to top doctors around the globe. With its network of over 38,000 specialists, HealthTap is helping people save lives and improve their health outcomes.

The rising number of patients traveling abroad for medical treatment is a significant trend that is impacting the healthcare industry. These travellers typically seek shorter wait times or access experimental or investigational treatments not yet approved in their home country.

Patients seeking quality medical services need to know they can find them in a destination with established procedures and highly-trained doctors. This could translate into lower costs than what they would have paid back home.

Employee Productivity

Medical tourism has grown into an important aspect of the tourism economy ,with patients from developed countries increasingly seeking treatment abroad due to both high-quality medical services and growing concerns for their own wellbeing. This sector continues to experience tremendous growth over recent decades.

HealthTap, a mobile-based healthcare app, connects users to an extensive network of doctors for symptom searches before they visit the hospital. Established in 2011, this company has raised tens of millions of dollars in venture backing from Khosla Ventures, Mayfield Fund and allmeaninginhindi others.

Employee Engagement

Medical Tourism is an international phenomenon where individuals travel to other countries for medical care, either because of lower costs or to access treatments that may not be available in their home country.

India is a hub for medical tourism, with many foreign medical professionals coming to train at hospitals here. Additionally, there are plenty of private healthcare providers that offer services for patients looking to travel abroad for treatment.

Our study revealed that the growth of medical tourism is driven by several factors, such as international tourism and economic development, the quality of national healthcare systems and institutional features for protecting rights and freedoms for businesses and citizens. For instance, countries with strong social and economic advancement as well as a positive perception about their domestic healthcare system abroad often enjoy an edge over their rivals when it comes to medical tourism.


HealthTap is a mobile-based healthcare app that has made significant contributions to the field of medical tourism. Through its extensive network of over 38,000 specialists around the globe, HealthTap allows patients seeking quality medical services to connect with highly-trained doctors in established destinations with lower costs than what they would have paid back home. The platform emphasizes transparency by allowing physicians to view local patient questions and engage with their communities, revolutionizing patient-doctor communication through convenience and innovative technology. HealthTap also offers an AI system that accurately diagnoses members’ conditions with precision, increasing engagement, cutting costs, and improving health outcomes for patients worldwide.

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