FIFA 22 Fernandinho Card

In FIFA 22, you can get a special card of Fernandinho to improve his stats in the game. This card is called the End of an Era Fernandinho and has higher ratings than the original gold card Rajabandot. You can get it after you get three squads and complete the Tactical Emulation SBC. This card will boost his stats in the areas of physical (+18), passing (+17), and shooting (+22).

Fernandinho is a right-footed soccer player who plays for Manchester City key4d. He has an overall rating of 81 in FIFA 22 and a 3-star skillmoves rating. He is a 36-year-old CDM with a height of 179cm and weighs 67kg. You can get his card in packs.

The End of an Era card honors Fernandinho’s legacy in the game, and he is a football legend. The player has been a Manchester City player for years, and he will be honoured with a special card in FIFA 22. Fernandinho’s card features a high rating in the game to commemorate his legacy at the club waslot.

Fernandinho’s FUT Captains card has excellent stats, which you can use to improve your team’s stats. It costs around 409,000-415,000 FUT coins depending on your platform rogtoto.

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