Eye lift surgery

As we get older, the problem that many people inevitably face is noticeable sagging on the face. At the age of number 4, various parts of the face will become wrinkled until you can feel it. Therefore, it is important to take care of yourself to look beautiful in retrospect. The eye area is important in terms of beauty. because it is the central area of ​​the face which is the point that people tend to see first. It is also an area that represents the age range. That shows the face that looks old, tired, lacking in brightness, it will have an effect on beauty on the face. Ocular ptosis is most common in older people. Or people with single eyelids may develop ptosis faster. In some cases, it may affect vision as well. because the falling eyelids partially obscured the vision

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When I get older, my eyelids are closed, making my eyes look smaller, puffy eyes, like a sleepy person, sleepy eyes, making my face look tired. Looks like a sick person, not bright, from the sagging eyelids falling down. Correction of ptosis Many factors have to be taken into account, including how much the eyelids are drooping, the eyelids are bulging, the eyes are too small or not, the eyes are not the same, the eye sockets are deep, or the fat is too convex. All of these can be solved by doing eye surgery that meets the problem.

Correction of ptosis, eye lift, technique to hide scars under the eyebrows (Sub brow lift)

Sub brow lift (surgery to correct ptosis Hide the scars under the eyebrows) is to lift the eyelids for people who already have double eyelids. but I want to fix the problem of drooping eyes. The wound will be hidden under the tail of the eyebrow. It lifts the eyelids and attaches them to the muscles at the tail of the eyebrows. The result is that the method can be used. Lift the eye layer to be more clear. look bigger and brighter Corrects ptosis well and also makes the face look younger as well

Advantages of this method of ptosis correction surgery and the detailed and meticulous sutures of specialized surgeons The wound is hidden under the eyebrows. When the wound is completely healed, it will fade. hard to notice rarely leave visible scars In people who have a lot of eyebrows or have tattooed eyebrows before, the scar will not be visible. Also, the wound will be close to the bottom of the eyebrows. which after cutting the eyebrow thread can cover the wound smoothly with the eyebrow shape In addition, in people who already have beautiful eyes. This method of ptosis correction is better than double eyelid surgery because the swelling is less. And there is no need to recuperate at all. Only a small wound, which is easier to care for and heals faster. In addition, the sub brow lift can also be combined with double eyelid surgery. In people with sagging eyelids around the tail of the eyes a lot as well.

Eyebrow Lifting (Direct Brow Lifting)

For the limitation in correcting ptosis of people with drooping eyebrows. It is necessary to raise the tail of the eyebrows in order to correct the drooping eye. Correction of drooping eyebrows can be done with Direct Brow Lifting, which is a surgery to lift the tail of the eyebrow with an incision at the top edge of the eyebrow tail. In people with the tail of the eyebrows falling down, the eyelids at the outer corners of the eyes also fall. which The double eyelid surgery in people who have a lot of eyebrow drooping will make the eye layer too close to the eyebrow. and unable to collect all the eyelids around the eye

Each surgery has different advantages. depending on the problem of different patients This allows each patient to receive different treatments. The doctor will consider choosing the appropriate surgical method for each patient’s problem. All of which can be solved by doing eye surgery that meets the problem.

Advantages of ptosis correction

– Solve the problem of drooping eyelids, blurry eyelids

– see the eyelids more clearly eyes look brighter

– clearer vision in cases of eye muscle weakness

– Small incision technique to hide scars

– Special techniques to reduce chances future scarring

– Natural beautiful eyes young face

– Less swelling, short recovery time

– Evaluate and design at the point of individual case-to-case

– Operated by an ophthalmologist specializing in cosmetic surgery around the eyes

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