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Dot paintings: Add Uniqueness to Your Living Room

Dot paintings are a great way to add uniqueness to your living room. Meanwhile, dot art is a traditional style of painting that originated in Australia and is known for its bold colours, dots and lines. So in this post, you’ll read some information about dot paintings and how you can add one to your home!

What Is Dot Painting?

Dot paintings are a form of dot art that can be used to decorate your home, office or even as gifts. The unique characteristic of dot paintings is that they are made using dots (hence the name). Dots are applied on top of a canvas and allowed to dry. And once dried, it is painted with another colour or pattern so that you can see through it. This creates a 3D effect which makes dot paintings very attractive.

There are many reasons why people buy dot painting kits: they’re easy to make, easy to store, and won’t cost you much! Or, if you’re looking for something more personal than just buying ready-made pieces at local stores, then dot paintings might be what you’ve been searching for!


Dot paintings are a form of art that originated in Australia. They were popular during the 1970s and are still widely used today. Dot painting is an easy craft to learn and can be applied to many different surfaces, including paper, canvas, wood, fabric and metal. The use of dots allows your imagination to run wild with designs, and these are a critical part of the Australian aboriginal culture.

So you may think that it would be challenging to create unique dot paintings like those you see on Pinterest or Instagram because they look so perfect when you look at them from afar. But did you know that dot painters often use imperfections as a technique?

The Style

Dot painting is a type of painting that can make your living room look unique and beautiful. Meanwhile, the word ‘dot’ refers to small marks that are drawn on the canvas by using a paintbrush or a pen. And in dot paintings, the artist uses dots to create patterns and textures in their artwork.

You may also see it as an art form or style which has been developed over time by many creative artists across the globe. It is one of the oldest forms of painting found during prehistoric times when people were exploring new ways to make their drawings stand out from other paintings made by other artists before them.

Materials Used

  • Natural Materials
  • Acrylics
  • Oil Paints
  • Watercolours
  • Colored Pencils/Markers/Crayons/Pastels/Paper

Dot Paintings Are Stunning

They are called pointillism and are made using a brush and pen to create small dots on paper, wood, canvas and fabric. Dot painting is a fun hobby for all ages; you can make them as gifts or just keep them yourself. Once you start making dot paintings, you will enjoy making them so much that they will become part of your daily routine!

Making a dot painting is simple – all you need is paper (canvas), watercolour paint (pencils), brushes and an eraser. So first, draw the outline of your picture with a pencil; this makes it easier to see where each colour should go when applying watercolour paints later on top of your drawing lines.

Meanwhile, if you want to buy original aboriginal dot art pieces from artists in Australia, you may seek websites that host auctions on the most valuable pieces of art.

As such, dot paintings are a fun and creative way to add a new touch to your home, office or art collection.

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