Aftermath of a car accident in Glenwood Springs: Things to know

On-road mishaps are not rare in Glenwood Springs. Some accidents are fender benders, while others can cause unparalleled damage. Following the impact of a car accident, it can be tough to think rationally. What you do immediately after has a big influence on your personal injury lawsuit. Consulting a Glenwood Springs car accident lawyer can help. For your help, here’s what you need to know about dealing with the aftermath. 

At the scene

If the other driver was clearly reckless or drunk, you already know that you could sue them for their fault. However, it’s also the time to build the case because, as the claimant, the burden of proof is on you. Before anything else, inform the police and call 911 if someone is injured. Don’t ignore your injuries, but if you are physically okay, consider taking pictures of the scene, including your damaged vehicles. 

Don’t admit fault

An investigation officer would ask questions, but you should only talk about how the car accident happened. The insurance adjuster knows how desperate you are for a settlement, and they may insist that you give a statement right away. Do not accept their offer, and make sure that you talk to your lawyer first. Also, even if the other driver provokes you, don’t say anything. Your apology could be seen as an admission of your guilt.

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Get an attorney

What’s your car accident claim worth? Should you file a lawsuit? If yes, what can you expect from the case? These are some critical questions that an attorney would answer. It’s best to hire an attorney immediately after the accident because you have limited time to take action. If you miss the initial days, you could have to work a lot more to find evidence. Your attorney can do a lot, including –

  1. Offering a free assessment of the case
  2. Evaluating what your injuries and losses are worth
  3. Handling the insurance claims process
  4. Taking care of the paperwork
  5. Fighting the battle in court

If you are worried about the costs of lawyering up, you must know that law firms in Glenwood Springs usually charge a fee after winning the case. This is called a contingency fee and is the norm for car accidents and most car accident lawsuits. Talk to an attorney immediately to find out more about your case and what to expect moving forward with legal steps.

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