A Comprehensive Guide to Breast Cancer

Cancer is estimated to be the leading cause of death amongst middle-aged men and women in the world. Cancer is more prevalent in men than women but these statistics are fast changing. More and more women are now prone to cancer because of the lack of awareness and the exposure to risk.

Factors such as genetics, age, body composition, and exposure to risky environments such as chemicals, metals, sunlight, and other such elements are putting more men and women at risk today than a few years ago.

Cancer hospital in Ahmedabad helps patients in gaining awareness of cancer, identifying the first signs and symptoms, and helping themselves by keeping an eye out for such signs at the outset.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, getting periodically checked for good health, and being aware are the three golden principles that can help men and women in their battle with cancer, especially given the fact that there is no active prevention from this deadly disease. Incorporating essential oils to one’s routine may be beneficia. Learn more about it from this page.

Breast Cancer

One of the leading types of cancers for women, breast cancer is mostly the deadliest because of the lack of awareness and the lack of symptoms in patients. The first and foremost symptom of breast cancer is mostly the presence of a lump or a tumor that can be felt upon physical examination.

This is one of the simplest ways to identify any impending cancer threat but unfortunately, most women are unaware of this. Women are more prone to breast cancer in the current era than they were a few decades ago.

This may be attributed to the modern lifestyle, preservative-laden food, CFCs in Air conditioners, fridges, and coolers, the ozone and methane in the environment, and the exposure to various elements in nature as such.

Breast cancer is also genetic and can be passed on from one generation of women to another. There is no real way of telling if a person is exposed to the risk of breast cancer or not. But being aware of the symptoms and taking immediate measures can assure better chances of surviving this disease.

Symptoms of breast cancer are mentioned below:

  • Lumps that can be felt inside or on the side of the breast
  • Discharge from nipples
  • Pain and Tenderness
  • Redness of the nipple area
  • Changes in size or shape of the breast
  • Inversion or pulling in of the nipples

These are some of the symptoms of breast cancer. If any of these symptoms are identified by a patient, it is best to get it evaluated by a specialist at the Cancer hospital in Ahmedabad.

Risks of Breast Cancer

More women with the following underlying conditions are prone to breast cancer than the others:

  • Women with a genetic history of breast cancer in the family
  • Women who have had hormone replacement therapy
  • Women with exposure to chemicals and hormones
  • Women who have not breastfed
  • Women who are obese
  • Women who do not exercise
  • Women who have had other cancers

Treatment and Recovery from Breast Cancer

Treatment of breast cancer involves scans and mammograms that help in understanding where the breast cancer has originated and the degree of its spread. Surgical removal of the cancerous tumors is the primary measure to control cancer. Post this, Chemotherapy and oral medication is administered to help combat the cancerous cells.

A healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition can help the patient recover successfully from this disease. Earlier detection of cancer has a high chance of better recovery from the disease.

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