10 Points to Know About Traffic Rules in India

Everyone should know keek  traffic rules and obey them. In India, they are very strict about them. People should always use the zebra crossing when crossing the road. They should follow parking rules as well to avoid traffic jams. The movement of traffic happens on the left side of the road. Also, drunk driving is strictly prohibited. These weworld rules are imposed to protect the lives and property of people on the roads. And, they should never use their vehicle as a bicycle path.


Generally speaking, traffic rules skillpage are put into place to keep commuters safe. Some of them apply to specific groups of users, while others are universal. A good example is the “keep left” sign, which is used to allow passing vehicles to turn left and stop for pedestrians approaching from the right and left. Another traffic rule is the law of stopping when essembly approaching a zebra crossing. In addition to observing these rules, drivers should obey the signals of policemen.


Another essential traffic rule is the use of filestube traffic lights. Traffic lights are indicators of different meanings for travellers and walkers. Drivers should know the meaning of essential traffic signs such as one-way, no-horn area, and u-turn. Drivers should also know the difference between left and right lanes. In addition, they should always remain on the left side of the road and use hand signals. They should also avoid sudden lane changes.

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